What is East Herts People?

We are a political party that helps people who want to serve their community as Independent Councillors. That is, run for local government without being tied to the national parties.

We also want to promote greater interest in local government and elections, and seek to provide a reliable source for local news analysis. Our aim is to provide an interactive dialogue with and between voters, whether through the internet or local debates.

Why have a party for Independents?

Loose groups of Independents rarely work well together in local government - we seek to provide the framework under which they can get elected and work effectively. This would also allow EHP independents to form an Administration.

What are our aims?

We want to find new ways of re-connecting people with local politics, ensuring our councillors interact with the community before and after they are elected. Too often councillors lose contact with the electorate once they are in office, so we aim to help those who are committed to engaging with people and not just getting votes.

We want to promote the Ward Members (Parish, Town and District) as accessible and effective leaders in your community.

We want to form a competent and open administration, listening and explaining, and rebuilding trust in the political process.

Why not the existing parties?

We ask what does Westminster Party Politics really have to do with issues in East Herts? The parties are more worried about what a local decision means for their national image than the community. We believe local government should be run by people whose sole interest is with their ward members.

What are the advantages of Independents?

Independent councillors can make decisions without having to worry about what a disapproving party might think. They are in a better position to listen to the needs of the community, and then act to meet them. Voting independent is an opportunity to send a message to politicians that competence and transparency matter.

Does East Herts People stand for anything?

We want to see a greater role for Ward Members (Parish, Town and District) in local government. The 2000 Local Government Act marginalised them as powerless party hacks to the District Council 'Cabinet' system - we want the Act reinterpreted so that they can act as prominent Community Leaders.

What does it take to be a good Councillor?

You don't need to be a semi-professional to be a good councillor. All you need is enthusiasm and a real concern for the people you represent - most of the work can be done in the evenings and at weekends, so being employed full-time isn't a problem.

How do I get involved?

See the Get Involved section of our site.

Fortunately in the UK there are strict laws restricting spending during election campaigns. This means that we rely on volunteers to help with leaflet deliveries and running market stalls. If you would like to give a few hours of your time to help EHP with either of these, please email us at: info@ehpeople.org