Why are we doing this?

Parties Are Irrelevant In Local Government

We believe that in central government parties are essential for a coherent and structured political system. But at a local level political parties are unnecessary and problematic.

Each area is different and has unique issues. National political parties are simply not relevant, there one-size fits all policy does not allow room for the needs of a local area. This can be disastrous in local government, towns and cities need a local approach; what is right for one area, will not be correct for all.

The views of a national political party can clash with the best decision for a community. Councillors from political parties must vote according to their party's principles and policy. This makes it difficult for them to act in the best interests of their constituents and often leads to bad and unhelpful decision making.

We Offer An Alternative

Some people now argue that there is no difference between the main parties and many people are now looking for an alternative.

We're putting party politics on trial and we want to present the case for Independents in East Herts.

We believe that Independent Councillors can improve the political dynamic in East Herts, their loyalties will be reserved to the people that they represent, ensuring that East Herts is run more effectively.

Independent Councillors have the advantage that they can make informed decisions on local issues, without having to follow party principles. They can vote freely and against the majority and do not have to fear being reprimanded by the local party.

East Herts People believes that an increase in the number of Independent Councillors would greatly improve our Councils in East Herts.

People Not Parties

Membership of local political parties has diminished at an extraordinary rate, only a handful of people are generally associated with local party politics in an area.

Candidates for local elections are chosen by this tiny number of people, which is hardly democratic and results in the same faces cropping up again and again. There is a serious problem with diversity in our local councils. In the latest Councillors' Census in 2008 by the Local Government Association, the average age of a Councillor was 58 and 96.6% of Councillors are white.

We believe that it is more important to vote for a person, rather than a party. The best Councillors are those who care about their local community. You don't have to support a particularly political party or be from a certain background to be a good Councillor; many people would make excellent elected representatives.

We want to see more Independent Councillors in our local councils in East Herts as we strongly advocate that they would be beneficial to the local people. Local politics has become stagnate and dull, we believe that non-aligned or Independent Councillors would breathe new life and potency into dusty council chambers.