Who are we?

Although we are a registered party, we are not a party in the traditional sense. We have no manifesto or party line. We have one agenda; promoting the idea of an active community, where local issues are at the forefront of our elected representatives' work.

East Herts People was founded in 2006 in response to disillusionment with the current system in East Herts. Our founders found that the current system is not engaging with you, the electorate. East Herts People wants to see a change, a reawakening in East Herts. Primarily we want to encourage you to use your vote, no matter who you choose to vote for. Your vote matters and it does make a difference. 

Local government exists to act in the best interests of local people and we want the electorate to be part of the decision making process. Decisions made at County Council level affect you in many ways; are you unhappy with the way the education system works in East Herts? Are the roads not up to scratch? Would you like to see more jobs in the area and more support provided for local businesses? 

We believe that local government shouldn't be a behind the scenes affair. It should be open and accountable for all to see, so that councillors have to place community above party. The most effective way a councillor can serve the community is by being independent of a party.