What are our aims?

  • To promote non-partisan politics and Independent Councillors and provide a real alternative to party politics in local government.
  • To support local people to stand as Independent candidates in elections.
  • To provide necessary support to existing Independent Councillors. We can help in a number of ways, such as with research and casework.
  • To ensure our elected representatives act in the best interests of the electorate.
  • A more active and involved community.
  • Establishing and finding solutions for the real issues in East Herts. Our website aims to provide clear information on local topics and fuel debate.
  • Higher voter turnout at local elections.
  • Improving communication between Councillors and the local community that extends beyond the election period.
  • To end political disillusionment in young people.

If you're interested in getting involved with our work and would like to know more about standing as an Independent Councillor, check out our Get Involved section.