Independent Politicians

Independent Politicians have always been a feature in the political landscape of not just the UK but all over the world.  Currently, Canada, Wales and Scotland have a high percentage of Independents.

Martin Bell, the war correspondent turned politician ran a high profile campaign as an Independent politician in 1997 in Tatton in Cheshire. Ken Livingstone was originally elected as Mayor of London as an Independent and Dr Richard Taylor was elected to Parliament on a single issue, that of the Kidderminster hospital.

In national politics, Independent MPs are usually elected on a single issue that is particularly important in their constituency. East Herts People believe that this affiliation with local issues rather than party politics lends itself to a much more efficient and effective system in local government.

In these pages you will find out all about Independent's. What are the pros and cons? Where have Independent politicians been particularly successful and how can Independents offer a real alternative in East Herts?