Election Time Again

Local Election Time is here again, and this time it comes with a free Referendum on a different voting system. Four years ago East Herts People put up thirteen candidates who did well, but not well enough. This time we will be supporting fewer candidates, and they will be standing as Independents also endorsed by the Independent Network.

EHP has a list of those who have postal votes in Hertford, and it shows that 17.4% of the Voters have postal votes. If less than 40% vote, then the postal voters could be a majority. The problem for an Independent is how to reach both the postal voters and the polling station voters. Interest rises in the week before polling, but if your leaflet was delivered to reach the postal voters (who can receive their voting forms three weeks before the election) then by the time election day comes, most voters will have lost your leaflet, or thrown it away.

It is good that in this country you cannot buy an election, because the amount you can spend is very limited: £600 plus 5p per voter. This is not enough for two leaflets.  It means that Independents have to work harder, as they do not have a party organisation to do it all for them. So if you agree with us, and want to help, do please get in touch!