Jim Thornton

Jim Thornton

Mike Edwards

Mike Edwards

Angela Emsley

Angela Emsley

Promoted by East Herts People on behalf of Jim Thornton, Mike Edwards and Angela Emsley.

New Shadow Independent Remuneration Panel for East Herts

Submitted on Mon, 03/08/2009 - 4:57pm

Volunteers have set up their own panel to discuss Councillors' allowances and expenses in East Herts, the Shadow Independent Remuneration Panel. Members of the newly formed group originally applied to the official Independent Remuneration Panel (IRP) on East Herts Council, but were rejected.

21.7.09 Angela Emsley elected as Independent Town Councillor

Submitted on Wed, 22/07/2009 - 9:49am

East Herts People are delighted that Angela Emsley, Independent for Hertford Sele Ward has been elected as a Town Councillor in yesterday's Town Council by-election.  Meanwhile, in Hertford Castle although James Morris put up a good fight he came a respectable second to Matthew McCormick of the Conservative Party, with Steve Froud coming a close third. 

Info on Candidates for Hertford By-Election, Tuesday 21st July 2009

Submitted on Wed, 15/07/2009 - 3:02pm

Hertford Castle

James Morris (Independent)- James Morris is a 36 year old IT Engineer who has lived in Hertford for three years.  He wants to be a Town Councillor because he thinks there should be more transparency and openness in Council business.

Hertford Town Council By-Election Tuesday 21st July 2009

Submitted on Wed, 15/07/2009 - 2:52pm

Vote 21st July 2009 Polls open 7am-10pm

Where?- In Hertford Castle and Hertford Sele ward.To find out which ward you're in, type in your postcode on http://writetothem.com

Fighting the by-election, letter in the Mercury

Submitted on Mon, 13/07/2009 - 3:39pm

Browsing through Friday's Mercury, we stumbled upon a letter in the letters page that struck a chord with us here at EHP.  It certainly makes for some informative reading. See what you think "Only right that electors choose" and add your opinions below.