Info on Candidates for Hertford By-Election, Tuesday 21st July 2009

Hertford Castle

James Morris (Independent)- James Morris is a 36 year old IT Engineer who has lived in Hertford for three years.  He wants to be a Town Councillor because he thinks there should be more transparency and openness in Council business. He is particularly concerned with proposed supermarket developments, Council spending and security in Hertford . 

To see James's leaflet click here and find out more about his proposals.  If you would like to contact James and ask him anything about his campaign or manifesto then please email him at  James will also be contributing to our blog during the election. campaign.

Steve Froud (Independent) - Steve Froud has lived in Hertford for over 40 years and has worked locally in an architectural firm for the last ten years. He has been firmly involved with community projects and campaigns, including the local Westmill Farm Festival, Hertford Fun Day and regularly attends Community Voice meetings. He is strongly against Supermarket developments in the town and advocates that Hertford needs a new venue for local people to showcase their talents, as the Hertford Marquee Club recently closed.

You can find out more about Steve Froud by checking out his MySpace page or contact him by email:

Matthew McCormick (Conservative) - Matthew is 23 years old and is a recently law graduate. He has lived in Hertford all his life, previously attending St Joseph's Primary School and Richard Hale Secondary Schools. He feels that he is best suited for this role as he grew up here and has a good understanding of the issues that currently affect Hertford.

He feels that it important to stand as a party candidate, 'My friends are asking me why I am holding a party political flag. I believe that my best chance of 'making a difference' at the Town Council is by working within a group of like-minded people'. He is supported by current Town Councillor, Peter Ruffles MBE, who states enthusiastically 'He'd be a valuable member of the Town Council team'.

You can contact Matthew by email: or by phone: 01920 462182

Hertford Sele

Angela Emsley (Independent) -  Angela moved to Hertford from London 3 years ago. She is married with 2 adult children. She enjoys living in Sele and attends dance lessons at Sele School and the local community centre. She wants to change the way politics is done in Hertford, making it more accessible to local people.  She also campaigns for more transparency in council spending and for local people to have a bigger say on council decision.  She has been inspired to enter the world of local politics in response to her disappointment with the current system; she believes she can make a difference. 

Read Angela's leaflet for more on her thoughts.  If you would like to contact her please email 

Darren Ypey (Conservative)- We currently haven't any information on Darren. If you have any info on the Conservative Candidate please contact us on 01992 310097 or email:

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