Hertford Town Council By-Election- Tuesday 21st July 2009

 Hertford Town Council by-election 

On Tuesday July 21st there will be a by-election to fill two vacant seats on Hertford Town Council following the resignation of John Cook and the removal of Sacha Bright due to lack of attendance at meetings. 

East Herts People are delighted that in Castle ward two Independents will be fighting the by-election, offering the electorate the choice of people rather than parties.  We believe it is time that different voices were heard on the Town Council.  

In Hertford Castle, Steve Froud will be following up on his promising campaign from 2007 when he came close to taking the District seat in Hertford Kingsmead as an Independent.  The other Independent candidate is James Morris.  James is a married IT engineer.  He wants to be an Independent Town Councillor because he wants to see more accountability and transparency on the Town Council.  "In these difficult economic times it is increasingly important to know where your money is being spent. There is a lack of transparency in the Town Council's accounts highlighted by a recently reported case in the Mercury where £36,000 was paid out in legal fees to an ex-employee, the details of which the council will not disclose. With such a large amount of the Council budget going on this one payment the electorate have a right to know". 

In Hertford Sele Angela Emsley a married mother of two is flying the Independent flag for the first time. She describes herself as a political novice, having never been involved in local government before however she wants to change the way people perceive local politics and offer honesty and openness to Sele voters. "I want to represent the people of Sele ward on Hertford Town Council because I feel it is time for a change in the way local politics is done.  I can offer that change, a fresh and independent approach to decision making in Hertford".  The other Independent voice is Rosie Mayer, another first time candidate for local government. 

Previously on the Town Council, 15 of the 16 elected councillors were from the same party.  East Herts People wants to offer the people of Castle and Sele the choice of a person rather than a party to address the imbalance of decision making that currently exists. Independent candidates act in your best interests not the best interests of their party. 

The full list of candidates is:

Hertford Sele (Town Council Ward)

Angela Emsley (Ind)

Darren Ypey (Con)

Hertford Castle (Town Council Ward)

James Morris (Ind)

Stephen Froud (Ind)

Matthew McCormick (Con)

We spoke to many people in the previous election on voting and there seemed to be a great deal of confusion! Please make sure that you are registered to vote and that you can have your say on who represents you in upcoming elections. Once you have registered to vote, you do not need to re-register for every election and will be on the electoral register for the foreseeable future. Students can also register twice for both home and university addresses.  Registering to vote is very easy, all you need to do is to fill out the short form on the About My Vote website. But please be aware that to be able to vote in the upcoming by-election you need to register by Monday 6th July 2009.

Some people may prefer to vote by post. To apply for a postal vote please fill out the short form on the About My Vote website. But again there is a deadline, new postal vote applications must be received by the local electoral office no later than 5pm on Monday 6th July 2009.

We understand that the voting process can be confusing, so if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us on 01992 310097 or send us an email info@ehpeople.org

How you can get involved

All election campaigns rely on the support of volunteers. We need help delivering election literature around Hertford.  We would be very grateful if you spare us an hour or two and deliver leaflets on local streets.

We also need volunteers to help us on Election Day. If you are free for a few hours on Tuesday 21st July we would love to have you on board.

We understand that methods of engaging the public in local political campaigns is changing fast, so if you have any ideas on new methods of running an election campaign, please let us know! All comments are appreciated.

14/07/2009 - 15:58 by Anonymous

What is the position of the independent candidates about the Town Council's treatment of the Mudlarks allotment project which supports people with special needs on the Cromwell Road site? Mudlarks - because they work collectively, wanted a larger building so they could shelter and do horticultural work all the year round. Sadly most of the councillors have not been supportive and the whole issue is now up for a planning appeal inquiry on 23 July as a result of them listening to 2 local residents and the local district councillor objecting that it will spoil their amenity and be a visual intrusion.  On this issue both East HErts and the Town Council have been guilty of discrimination against disabled people.

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