Hertford Town Council By-Election Tuesday 21st July 2009

Vote 21st July 2009 Polls open 7am-10pm

Where?- In Hertford Castle and Hertford Sele ward.To find out which ward you're in, type in your postcode on http://writetothem.com

Why?- Two vacant places on Hertford Town Council. Former Councillor Sacha Bright (Con), was removed from the Council after he failed to attend any meetings in 6 months. Previous Councillor, John Cook (Con), recently resigned from the Town Council.

How?- As long as you're on the electoral role, you'll be able to vote at your assigned polling station from 7am-10pm on Tuesday 21st June. You don't need to bring your polling card, but it may be useful to take it with you anyway as it states which polling station you need to go to.


Hertford Castle

James Morris (Ind)

Steve Froud (Ind)

Matthew McCormick (Con)

Hertford Sele

Angela Emsley (Ind)

Daren Ypey (Con)

To find out more about each candidate please click here

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