Angela Emsley and James Morris fight by-election

East Herts People are pleased to be supporting two candidates in the upcoming by-election for Hertford Town Council.

In Hertford Castle James Morris is standing as an Independent.  James is a 36 year old IT Engineer who has lived here for three years.  He wants to be a Town Councillor because he thinks there should be more transparency and openness in council business.  To see James's leaflet click here and find out more about his proposals.  If you would like to contact James and ask him anything about his campaign or manifesto then please email him at  James will also be contributing to our blog during the election campaign.

In Hertford Sele, Angela Emsley wants to change the way politics is done, making it more accessible to local people.  She wants you to know where your money is being spent and she wants you to be a part of the decision making process.  She has been inspired to enter the world of local politics in response to her disappointment with the current system, she believes she can make a difference.  Read Angela's leaflet for more on her thoughts.  If you would like to contact her please email

July 21st is your chance to decide who represents you on the Town Council.  The by-election is an excellent opportunity to elect the right person.  Angela and James face fierce competition from two strong Conservative candidates, Darren Ypey in Sele and Matthew McCormick in Castle.  Steve Froud, an election pro having come very close to winning in Kingsmead in the last District election, is also flying the Independent flag in Castle ward.  This is brilliant news for you the voter.  You have the chance to choose from an array of strong candidates. 

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