Hertford Town Council by-election 2009

Hertford Town Council by-election occurred on the 21st July 2009. You can find previous material on the election campaign in this section.

The by-election occurred as a result of two vacant seats arising in the Town Council; Cllr John Cook resigned in April, whilst Cllr Sacha Bright was dismissed for not attending a single meeting in 6 months.

In the election, we supported two Independent Candidates, James Morris and Angela Emsely. James came second, whilst Angela was elected into council.

This election was particularly unusual since it was fought only between Independent and Conservative candidates. Other local political parties, such as Labour and the Lib Dems, did not field candidates.


Hertford Sele

Angela Emsley (I) 334 ELECTED

Darren Ypey (C) 257

Turnout: 14.1%

Hertford Castle

Matthew McCormick (C) 471 ELECTED

James Morris (I) 222

Steve Froud (I) 190

Turnout: 14.9%