A Green Hertfordshire?

Submitted on Fri, 28/08/2009 - 2:37pm

Local councils appear to be taking big steps to reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainable living in Hertfordshire. The local press recently reported that the Car Share website, Hertsliftshare (affiliated to Herts County Council) is a great success.  

East Herts Council is launching the Alternative Refuse Scheme in November, which will enable residents to recycle food waste and plastic bottles from the kerbside.

But these green new initiatives come at a time when Herts County Council plan to build a huge incinerator to burn non-recyclable waste in Hatfield.

Hertsliftshare is a social enterprise website that enables users to share journeys and reduce carbon emissions and fuel costs. It's an extremely popular site, a quick search showed that 429 users are registered within a 5 mile radius of Hertford; destinations include Sunderland, Preston, Exeter and Leeds. Members of the public can use the site for free.

Alternative Refuse Collections will start in November in East Hertfordshire. East Herts District Council will be sending a blue box (plastic bottles and cans) and a green kitchen caddy (food waste) to residents.

But these current council initiatives clash with other council policy and one wonders if local government is really committed to lowering carbon emissions. Hertfordshire County Council plan to build a £220 million waste treatment facility in New Barnfield. The local residents' action group, Action Hatfield, is strongly against the plans; they argue that 'waste should be recycled not burnt'. Every political party also objects to the plant, including the local Conservative MP, Grant Shapps.

Worryingly Hertfordshire has an extremely high carbon footprint. Hertfordshire's average is 12.98 tonnes per capita, but the national average is only 12.08 tonnes per capita. East Herts has an even higher footprint of 13.47 tonnes per capita.

Get involved

The next Community Voice meeting will discuss the planned Alternative Refuse Collection in East Herts. Go along on the September 3rd at 7.30pm, Council Chamber, Wallfields, Hertford and find out more about the scheme.

Join the Facebook group against the Hatfield Incinerator.

Sign the petition against the Hatfield Incinerator: http://www.savenewbarnfield.com/

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