About Us

East Herts People is a non-profit organisation that acts as an enabling platform for those who would like to serve their local community as Independent Councillors.

We need a council composed of elected members whose primary concern is the people of their community, not their political party. Local politics is about getting things done by working together; it's not about playing at being a mini-Westminster.

Party politics have no place in our local councils.

Our objectives are:

  • Accessiable, transparent local politics. Sensible debates on local issues.
  • Reliable and hardworking representatives.
  • Elected representatives who have your best interests at heart, not the interests of their party.
  • Representatives that engage with the community in the decision making process, creating an efficient political system in East Herts.
  • An end to disillusionment with local politics.
  • Open and accountable local government.
  • Longevity. East Herts People are here for the long run, not just at elections. We will continue to be dedicated to the people of East Herts at all times.

Nobody understands local issues better than local people,  we want to hear from you about the real issues facing people living in you area.